About our company

Our Company found in 1992, Mehmet and Sedat brothers entrepreneurial spirit and as a sole proprietorship furniture manufacturing start, our company in 2007 Gülerset Furniture Durable Consumer Goods Industry Trade Marketing Limited Company with the family business has become. In 2011, Gülerset Venatto brand by registering their products under this name has been released.

Our company, Osmaniye D-400 highway over 10,000 m² covered area of 60 workers with our production we made furniture products, we use high quality raw materials and semi-range of our country's leading brands is between quality without compromising the aesthetic and modern look with the ease of use requirements with consumer preferences to adopt and make our lives easier functional with models of both domestic and overseas markets have been preferable.

Up to this time we have participated in domestic and international trade fairs and customer portfolio with years of experience open to continuous development of our company that serves customers in nearly 200 home abroad continues to resume talks on Sunday.
Our company can easily reach consumers in our market because it is open to the future and invests continuously increasing trend in the industry to be the shining star is continuing to work for.

Venatto the production line machine park located in the German and Italian origin has the latest technology and systems. At every stage of production at the highest level of technology use is envisaged, as well as the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, ANN and HYB is supported by documents.

At the same time ensuring the participation of all employees work quality system where "quality" oriented business and personal qualities developed through training activities grasp the importance of providing a floor and it has given continuity.
Venatto our valued customers with R & D design team, the concept of fashion in Turkey but also install new modular furniture market value belonging to prepare new collections each year, including offers to your liking.
As a company, our goal is: the world's most respected brands in the furniture is to represent our country with success.